The Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Social Media

How Social Media Affects Mental Health

We are all social animals, and we need companionship to survive. With such busy lives, it isn’t straightforward to find time to connect with people. So we tend to use social media.

The strength of our connections on social media affects our mental health. If we are connected well to our social group, we can feel happy. It can help to reduce stress. Connecting with people can provide comfort and joy. It can also prevent you from feeling lonely and thus add years to your life.

Different Social Media Platforms

Some of the social media platforms that help us to connect with people around the globe are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, etc.

2Advantages of Using Social Media

While there are benefits of using social media, we need to remember that it can never replace real-life connections.

  • It helps you to connect with people who are far away and whom you have not been in touch with for several years.
  • It helps you to find people who have similar likes and dislikes. You can join communities and share experiences. It can become a learning platform.
  • You can promote causes and help to raise awareness about specific issues.
  • You can find a space for creativity and express yourself.
  • You can learn a lot by using social media.

3Disadvantages of Using Social Media

There has been researching to show that excessive use of social media can lead to depression. It can also cause loneliness and suicidal thoughts.

  • It can make you feel inadequate about yourself when you see how wonderfully your contacts have portrayed their lives. It can make you feel insecure and lead to feelings of envy.
  • The fear of missing out keeps on growing. You become addicted to social media and need to pick up your phone all the time to see what is happening with your contacts, even if it is driving or doing other important work.
  • You can end up feeling isolated. Studies have shown that excessive use of social media can make the user feel more isolated.
  • We need face-to-face contact to feel happy and satisfied. Social media cannot replace that in any way. If you use social media excessively, you are at risk of developing anxiety and depression.
  • You may get exposed to cyberbullying or rude remarks. That can change your perspective of life and relationships.
  • Spending too much time on social media, can make you self-absorbed. You will be determined to post pictures and updates all the time. It will take you away from real life.

Why Are People So Indulged in Social Media?

It is easy to access social media with the latest technology. Our smartphones are always by our side. The constant alerts and notifications can create havoc in our lives. We need self-control to keep away from social media and use it sparingly. Otherwise, it could turn into an addiction like any other and rule our lives, making us miserable. The amount of time that we spend on social media can prove detrimental to other aspects of our lives.

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