Some of the Best Free Vector Editors to Consider

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Free vector editors will allow you to create and edit vector graphics without an expensive creative cloud subscription. You will find these tools extremely useful if you are still new to designing with vector graphics. We picked some of the very best free vector editors as some of them support just a few file formats while others come with unwanted extra software.

Here are some of these top-rated free vector editors we picked for you.


Since Adobe Illustrator is considered the best vectors editor in the market yet you pay for its services, Inkscape comes in as the best alternative for AI as a free editor. It brags of special spiral tools, an arrangement of clones, advanced object manipulation options, multiple filters, a tool to create patterns, and agile fill settings, among others. It practically achieves almost all the functions that AI could do for you in editing vector graphics. It entails many more details, as you can learn at

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Vecteezy is yet another great free vector editor you could consider for your onset journey in graphics editing. With it, you can import and edit SVG files or create your great designs from scratch. From the app, you can find several shapes and ready-made clipart to choose from like the ones at

Furthermore, Vecteezy comes with a pen tool that you can use to draw freehand shapes and edit existing paths. It has a simple to use interface that makes it a darling of many new users as they can learn right from the platform as more as they use it.


It is another free tool that allows you to create scalable vector graphic files that run as an extension in Google Chrome. With it comes a pack of an excellent range of basic tools that include pen, text, basic shapes, Bezier, layers, add typing abilities, transforms, paths, and stock and fill. Its user interface is simple to master and use, which draws a lot of attention to it.


Although it lacks most of the advanced features that Adobe Illustrator has, it still comes with the necessary tools you need for basic vector editing. These tools include shapes, text, multiple layers, and others. Plus, you can save all the work you have done in Vectr online or export the work in JPG, SVG, and PNG file formats. Vectr is ideal for beginners as it offers an easily understandable user interface.


If you intend to develop a webpage, then SVG-Edit would be the best fit for you. It helps you to quickly create SVG files for your web pages or even edit existing ones. It works in any modern browser and comes with the basic set of vector editing features such as hand-drawing tools, text tools, shape tools, and path tools. Being open-source, contributing developers keep adding new features time and again, making it up-to-date with current app developments.

You do not have an excuse for not creating some of the best vector graphics as you have several free vector graphic editors right at your disposal. These apps help you achieve almost the same outcome you could attain while using the standard software.

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