Reasons Why Instagram Is The Most Preferable Social Media For Businesses

Social media platforms have been a place where individuals and businesses have been showcasing their activities. If you are a constant social media user like most people are these days, you would understand that social media is quite an interesting platform. You would notice that most popular social media have been growing and also borrowing ideas from each other. Aside from the popularity of social media, it offers your business a lot of interesting offers that help push your business brand ahead.

In 2013, Facebook and Instagram borrowed the story ideas from Snapchat. At the same time, Snapchat continues to advance its features and implementing digital advertising options for business. Besides, the application brings memories of posts that have been done in a long time, and other social media platforms have also implemented this. also explains that hashtags are now common features that are more used by Instagram and LinkedIn that the originating social media platform, which was twitter. Even though several social media have been copying ideas from each other, Instagram still stood out as the best platform due to the more advanced features. More so, Instagram continually stays ahead of the competition between social media platforms and remains the most effective platform for businesses to get more engagement with their posts.

Specific Reasons Why Instagram Stays Ahead Of Competitions

New Features

Over the course of social media existence, Instagram has come a long way in implementing new features that help users stay glued to the applications. At first, it was just a photo-sharing application, but over time it evolved. Many brands have been able to create awareness through new application features and also engage with fans. Features like locations, mentions, hashtags, polls, and questions are new features the application offers. Fans can now interact more with business and connect with them while sharing their brand stories.

Other features like comments, asking questions, and sending direct messages are ways businesses have enjoyed the benefits of the new features Instagram has implemented.

Connecting With A Large Number Of Audience

Currently, Instagram has over 1 billion users who actively use the platform. With these users around the world, it shows how versatile the Instagram platform is and the benefits it offers to users, businesses, and brands. More so, younger generations of users on the platforms fall between the 18 to 34 age range. As Generation Z engages in the usage of these social media platforms, businesses benefit from the trend they create and make more sales.

More so, considering the number of male and female users on Instagram, it shows how unique Instagram is. The statistics of male and female users of the platform enables business advertisers to reach their audience more evenly. With all this being the benefits of Instagram and the features it offers business, it is undeniable that it stands out of social media competition as it can be seen on

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