Sports and Social Media Boycott


The problem of racial abuse and discrimination is not at all new. Even after decades or centuries, it has not ended. People have found different ways to spread hate at different times. With the scenario today, online hatred and racial abuse are on a massive rise. With famous personalities, celebrities, and sports persons being the target.

Many people come across their profiles, or posts and comment in a manner to bring down their dignity. Most of these accounts are of the supporters of other teams or personalities. Doing this, they feel they can create turmoil and get away with it. They have also blamed the social media websites that appear helpless when these things happen. Be it famous players or retired players, no one has escaped this problem. People make fake accounts online and get away with their comments or trolls. But, in a move to hold these people responsible along with the social media websites, the sports fraternity is starting a boycott. They have named it the social media boycott or protest.

Sports and Social Media Boycott:

Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook majorly shared the wrath of the social media boycott, especially by the premier league players. This is only a symbolic protest against the conditions of online abuse and discrimination. The players started this as a gesture to show that it is completely intolerable.

They are also asking these social media companies to act more diligently. With the social media platforms taking responsibility and promising action on such incidents, a change could come in. This would help in dealing with racial abuse and disparity and bring it down. As a young generation, it is quite clear that people still have not learned their lessons. The protest or boycott started in football players. They were registering constant complaints of being abused online or trolled hatefully. These incidents are worrisome as football is one of the most expensive sports today and there are millions affected due to it. Hence, this protest did not take long before going viral. Now the English Cricket Board has also lent a supportive hand by participating in it. The protest is going to be there from April 30 and would go on for four days.

Not only the premier league and cricket association but also many other football associations have shown support for this. Women’s super league, professional footballers’ association, English football league are among the many others. Apart from it, as soon as the news spread, many international celebrities, sports personalities took part in it. It is expected that due to it, in the next few days, there would be a lot of attention on the missing football-related posts on social media.

Among the players that inspired this protest, is Kyle Walker. Kyle plays for Manchester City. He was racially abused and had to face countless comments of exploitation and threats. It came soon after the team won against Tottenham Hotspur to grab the league cup.

It is not just him, someone has racially abused many players from several franchises in the past. With the football leagues bridging the gap between players of different nationalities and origins, it is indeed a threat to its ideal. Online hatred and racial abuse could take us back when the awareness was not at its peak.

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